Weekly English Mass in Amsterdam

Honoring our Catholic tradition, Our Lady of the most Holy Rosary parish is a Catholic Community building the reign of God in the “Oud-Zuid” quarter of the city of Amsterdam.

We value vibrant liturgy and personal prayer, as a way to worship God and celebrate life.
We are an inclusive community respecting the dignity of all persons and supporting the journey of each person.
We respond to the command of Jesus to love by welcoming all, evangelizing, supporting spiritual growth, and being Eucharist to each other. Challenged by the Holy Spirit.

For the regular weekly masses, please see the Agenda.

Feel welcome and enjoy your stay.
Pastoor J.J. Quadvlieg

A heated church for Christmas

Dear Parishioners,

Hope you are keeping warm this winter. Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s not very warm in the Obrechtchurch as we have had to cut back on heating. With the recent increase in gas and electricity prices it would cost more than Euro 100,000 to heat the church, triple what it cost us in prior years.

So, if you are warm and cosy at home and can afford to go without the energy subsidy that you will be shortly receiving from the government, then we have a great idea for you.

For the celebration of Christmas we will make an exception and we will be heating the church to keep you, our choir and our children warm for the Christmas weekend. Your contribution would be a great help to keep these costs under control. So please, if you are able, you can deposit your energy subsidy into the account with the reference ‘heating costs’ IBAN NL98 INGB 0000 1071 87.

International Community

Our international mass commenced in September 2018 as a once a month community mass. Responding to the interest and needs of the community, the Saturday weekly mass was initiated from October 2019.
Leader: Pastoor J.J. Quadvlieg
International Community Coordinators: Loraine Branch and Maria Pathrose

Our international team are volunteers who have been living in Amsterdam from 14 months to 15+ years. They are multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and are keen to bridge the experience of faith and community for expatriates and visitors in Amsterdam.

We are a family friendly community and welcome new parishioners to our growing active, vibrant and diverse community. We especially welcome children to our Saturday family mass and will include children actively during our service ensuring a good experience for the family.

Become a Parishioner

If you would like to join our parish, please send us an email to the email address shown in ‘Contact Us’. We will facilitate your registration at Obrechtkerk.

Contact for International Community

All enquiries for the international community and mass may be sent to the following email box: englishmass@obrechtkerk.nl.
The email box is monitored regularly and you will receive a response from one of our coordinators.